by putiferio

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Recorded and mixed by Giulio Ragno Favero and Andrea Cajelli at La Sauna Recording Studio in Varese

in this album:
luca: drums
panda: voice
mirco: guitar
jan: guitar

Released by Robotradio Records and MacinaDischi




released April 21, 2012



all rights reserved


putiferio Padova, Italy

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Track Name: void void void
see this human-shaped cocoon
thousand miles of black silk
spinning 'round a larval core of nothing
echoing a deaf song
rattling as in a dead throat
do you really call it living?
begging at every corner?
with a soundtrack of cry cry cry cry
the buzz of flies suggesting: “knock off! cut off!!”
but neither when knife armed he can make the cut
cutting faces as with tumors
rub out feelings as with errors
cutting faces as with tumors
rub out feelings as with bad mistakes
but how can we do
when he himself's the mistake
when he's the dumbest jerk of 'em all
a pointless muncher of chances
ain't it like betting on a dead horse?
except he's not dead yet
he's like an insect
that eats its own wings
but he can't chew
'cause its essence is pure sparkling void void void
cut my body in halves
and look at my wounded parts
count my age from excisions
and know me from what is not
the panic got callous
the passions all torn away
consumed by my hunger
I’ve told you that hate ate ate
Track Name: amazing disgrace
fingers scraping on a frozen glass
drawing creatures, horns and tails
beaks and sharp teeth insulting gods
raising hatred, haunted by a spell
in the act of speaking out themselves
emerging from the ice, deserving holocaust
skin is getting tight and tighter
unveiling all the organs
flowing ‘neath a deformed shroud
what he'll ever be is spoken by this weird shape
by his shifted bones, by his crooked neck,
by the whispered wish that this helpless monster could be torn away
flush it down the drain!
praying hands merging into a sharp nail
touching him through scratches, scratches, scratches
something so obscene can be planned by nature only by mistake
flush it down the drain!
in a shouted need that this helpless monster could be torn away
flush it down the drain!
consider him a separate being
consider him an useless being
ain’t it amazing? an amazing disgrace!
Track Name: hopileptic!
one of these too many mornings,
transfixed by the sun spears,
choking up,
the splinters swallowed through the night that's just passed
I'll try to find some shelter
in the folds of your pink jumper
on the white checks of your dress,
disguising, as if something...
as if something could have changed by borrowing your face
see, I hang on threads as weak as your nerves before the fits
while you reassure me that we all kinda tremble, never able to walk straight
so I seize the seizures and cry for crises,
‘cause they're the only things that lend an helping hand
hey, I've got this disease that always comes and goes
the arms that bloom of bloodstreams
the chest is spotted blue and it keeps on getting worse
hey, please tell me that this shaking one day is gonna stop
by smashing hard the head, by biting out my tongue, until I'm fully dumb
masked to be like you
it's like I really have something
masked to be like you
it's like I really am something
Track Name: can't stop the dance, you chicken
my swinging back and forth
paints all the shadows,
hidden, a criminal passive dangling
oh God, this won’t be changing
don't cauterize
the leaking vein
and let my blackened blood spread
with the disease that consumes me
the chin is up
I'm standing tall
about six feet from ground
enjoying the best part in hanging
and hear the idiot spinning
while lost in rows of brown houses
I needed something to cling on
to please my wrong choice's habit
just leaning out for new hope
the eyes blend air and stone
while all those people sleeping
floor by floor by floor goes the haunting
a human luck
my heavy bones
oblige to keep my head low
and help me facing the asphalt
and on my book
on chapter eight
I see the vowels fall
a mass suicide that won’t affect the sense
I’ve tried hard but still can see ‘em
still see the headless chicken
that kicks and throws for the dancing
still takes the guts of a coward
to keep on painting the ending
on and on and on
Track Name: now the knife is my shrink
now that everything seems to be forgotten
please laugh about it and question no more
the reason of embraces frozen as death
and of your wandering around the same rocks
your beaten leg shaking, the body drops dead
canceling the moment and praising the dark
of a light shining clearer from the most blacken wood
of the spot of your drowning into water again
that month you've spent humming a beautiful song
about a guy, Michael, who’s dead, gone or lost
‘t was marking the start of an unfinished truce
with none of us dreaming of freedom or rest
but now the knife has become my shrink
I’ve got an easy way to confess
now the knife, it is my shrink
I’ve got a clever way to choke it all out
how comforting to think it's the last time
I'm exposing this to your eyes and laughters
don't mention breed it's not on my grammar
I've got a phD in the art of excision
there is a treasure at the end of my rusty sharp rainbow
it flows ‘tween red streams and feeds all my hopes
for a quick job, for a zippy way out
for a keen tool, which can cut me out
just a quick job, just a zippy way out
a keen tool, please, cut me out
5 years to let the tree grow
5 months and the tree top will fall
5 years to watch its crooked growth
and after 5 sad months the tree top'll be torn and chopped off
Track Name: my pitch black heart
is it worth to explain
the stuff I’m babblin’ 'bout, babblin' 'bout
I scream for more orphans, mate
and for more families crying
just slipping in the usual stream
where all I touch is just poisoning
the woods and trees are breeding the worms
that slither right through me
to fill me with
billions of bellyaches
the knees are wounded and hurting
ask for more beating, mate
I'll go with gravely sighing
choke on your words 'cause no thing you wanna mean
arrest the heart if you don't wanna feel
but if you want and try hard to disappear
let's try this cheap trick, go and
blind everyone blind everyone blind everyone
stab 'em in the eyes, stab 'em in the eyes
hold firm your fountain pen, writer
and butcher their foreheads
I'll disembowel my body to find my pitch-black mark
it gnaws and grows right through me,
you see how sick is sick is sick
I'll watch and see the chambers of my crippled heart
I'll try to hear its pumping instead I can just hear
the sound of cracks that are spreading wider
pulling strings that made your muscles loose
reach the knife and tear apart that shameless bit that you have came up to
the euphony of the swinging spheres
are voices reviling since I just stepped in
so I'm what you read in crimson ink
a fountain upchucking the woes of a kid
and how come’s that when I'm seeing red
it looks like blooming petals of love?
Track Name: loss loss loss
hooow comes things I touch grow these sharp thorns?
how comes words scrape me as porcelain splinters?
a bush of roses growing in the stomach
more pieces I put together, the more the pain kills me
fingertips are bleeding on a glue that smells of loss
that makes the stomach turn, the head goes nod’, nod’, nod’
each thing I build is just destroying another
tearing apart the dress I've put on
and there I lay just keep on staring
my eyebulbs swelling for the light I stuff into
waiting for the water that once fell from your lips
make it work out as rain in the desert i'm bound to
bless my trhrilling skin, christen my tongue
the weapon I've been facing and praying ever since
I've been kissed by failure
a flirt I've been weaving
and now in her arms
my voice keep on swaying
as all I remember
like all of my wishes on how this could be
I've been kicked on the lips
and how could this be the only emotion
that I have felt in years?
I'm hiding the face beneath bleeding hands
and prepared for the next one
Track Name: true evil black medal
this last summer, when everything seemed to conspire against me,
the hot air kinda strangled me, choking spits on my dreams
I was finally facing the truth ‘bout my being out of place
just seeking from some cold, like a three week corpse
I was looking for a way to erase my memories
a hidden button you can squeeze hard with your fingers
or a bullet, or a xanax canteen
my heart did stop and go, ready to be evil and lost at last
but you, you know, behind your black glasses
you cannot ever be or even try to caress the dream
no ship sail no blackmails no coffin sealed, oh your “day by day”
so drop again those heavy stones
if you're not gonna throw 'em
and use them just build your family house
your thunder mainly rhymes with hiding
no way to shake those valleys
or ride like fury until the flames eat out everything
paint your face like death
'cause that's the closest similar
of you and your damn paralytic hands
can't you see the shame of being
just placing small bombs inside your head
instead of fucking blow it?
so drop again those stones
you're never gonna throw 'em
and use them just build your marble tomb
your lightning barely lights me up
me and my perpetual dusk
where shadows mainly point at some way out
paint your face like corpse
'cause that's the closest similar
of you and your silent beating heart
can't you see the shame of being
just placing small bombs inside your head
instead of fucking blow it?
I've burnt all of my sanctum
I've inverted all my crossed-heart vows
I've been dead-threaten by myself
I think I can deserve a
True More Evil Black Medal
I've stabbed the neck of my best friends
choose death and frost as new ones
I've screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed
I think I can deserve it
pin my chest and reach the heart